Inspiring the everyday use of aerogels through innovation


JIOS Aerogel is an innovator in critical components for Li-ion battery systems, the world’s primary energy storage medium. Its solutions address key challenges in electrification, supporting the rapidly expanding markets for electric vehicles (EVs) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS). JIOS’ unique technology transforms the safety of Li-ion batteries by offering efficient, effective and affordable mitigation of thermal runaway and unrivalled intumescent fireproofing. This breakthrough innovation is based on JIOS’ proven experience in developing scalable solutions for energy conservation and thermal protection, from cryogenic insulation for industrial plants to extreme-temperature sportswear. At JIOS’ Global Innovation Centre in Singapore, the company continues to harness the unique thermal, acoustic and fire performance of aerogels to sustain the pace of world-changing innovation.

To create groundbreaking innovation by making the application of aerogel’s unique properties possible at scale, solving global challenges in thermal protection, energy conservation, and energy storage

Aerogel is the world’s lightest man-made material. Adding just a small amount makes products lighter and more energy efficient, imparts significant improvements in thermal and sound insulation, and greatly enhances fire-retardancy.

JIOS is the lowest-cost producer of silica aerogel fine particles, a requisite to deliver our vision for mass adoption. These fine particles is the only scalable industrial solution that can be incorporated into existing production processes cost effectively and without disruption.


Research & Development

At the JIOS Innovation centre in Singapore, our team of scientists and engineers work with leading testing laboratories to develop new applications for silica aerogels. They develop thermal and fire barriers, blocking heat and fire in and around batteries, and fire-retardant coatings to limit fire spread. This work is based on JIOS extensive experience in developing thin, compressible insulation systems for extreme-temperature applications

Aerogel Production

JIOS Aerogel invented a new approach for industrial-scale production of aerogel, achieving cost and efficiency gains by significantly reducing production time. This innovation directly addressed the historical barrier to mass adoption of aerogels: their high cost of production. With the first large-scale production line commissioned in 2018, the technology has since proven itself for its reliability, quality and efficiency.

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