JIOS AeroVa aerogel powder is an ultra-light silica material (SiO2) that has a multi-nanoporous structure and super hydrophobic surface chemistry. Due to its unique physical and chemical characteristics, JIOS AeroVa aerogel powder can act as a filler with very low thermal conductivity, and impart excellent sound attenuation, water resistance and fire resistance to many applications, new and old.


Thermal Insulation

Nano pores inside multi-porous structure create a thermal barrier.
Thermal conductivity: 17 to 22 mW/mK


Lightest man-made material.
Only weighs 3 times the weight of air.
Air porosity > 90%


Repels water and moisture.
Contact angle of more than 150°

Fire Resistance

Retains fire and heat resistant properties native to silica powder.
Temperature range: -200 to +1,600°C

Sound Attenuation

Excellent energy dampening properties.
Heat-blocking multi-porous structure creates sound and vibration barrier


Large surface area allows volume to increase drastically when dispersed.
BET surface area: 600 to 800m²/g


JIOS Aerogel is not only a mass producer of aerogel powder, but an inventor of new applications using JIOS AeroVa aerogel as the core performing agent. The JIOS Innovation Centre runs multiple work streams, incorporating aerogel into different forms, materials and applications for many industries. This innovation has led to 52 patents, including technology to produce aerogel blanket and aerogel polyurethane (PU) foams.

Aerogel Blanket

Aerogel insulation blankets provide high-performance thermal insulation for high-temperature and cryogenic applications. This flexible, bendable and hydrophobic insulation incorporates JIOS AeroVa aerogel into a fibrous blanket for applications in the global energy industry. JIOS Aerogel established a joint venture with a global insulation producer, Armacell, in 2017 to produce aerogel blanket under the brand ‘ArmaGel’ for use in industrial insulation.

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