Electric Vehicles (EVs) are evolving to hold more energy, charge faster and offer greater mobility. Today, the driving range of electric vehicles and the availability of charging stations are the main barriers to adoption. The solution is to increase the energy density and power storage of battery systems. However, as the technology is pushed to its limits, the risk of failure also increases. A critical problem is the thermal runaway of a battery pack as the chemical reaction accelerates out of control in one cell, and propagates through the battery module, potentially leading to complete loss of the asset and a threat to human lives.

Thermal Runaway Propagation

Thermal Runaway Propagation

Thermal Runaway Propagation

Thermal Runaway Propagation


The JIOS Aerogel Thermal Blade is a compressible cell-to-cell barrier that can mitigate the propagation of thermal runaway from one cell to another. By encapsulating aerogel within a thin, profiled housing, the Thermal Blade exhibits excellent performance under high compression, ensuring the long-term safety and performance of the battery system.

  • Limits cell-to-cell thermal runaway propagation with extremely low thermal conductivity
  • Maximises batteries energy density by the application of thin insulation barriers
  • Highly compressible pads work in synchronization with battery charging cycles
  • Increased safety with fire resistant composites
  • Dust free, made-to-size and easy to assemble at lower cost

JIOS’ silica aerogel is an ultra-lightweight material with a bulk density that is only four times heavier than air and offers the lowest thermal conductivity available at an industrial scale. JIOS Aerogel Thermal Blades maximise heat protection and insulate against heat flow between neighbouring battery cells. The Thermal Blades prevent energy release from flowing to adjacent cells, preventing thermal runaway when an initial failure occurs. In combination with cooling systems, the deflected energy dissipates through the cooling circuit to minimise the impact and protect the battery module, the vehicle and its occupants. JIOS’ silica aerogel is heat resistance up to 1200°C, highly hydrophobic and is a dielectric insulation material.


JIOS Aerogel Fire Resistant Coating is a passive fire protection for battery modules and packs. It is a sprayable inorganic coating that creates a robust intumescent layer with superior insulation performance to contain high heat and flame from the module to ensure the safety of passengers during a thermal event.

  • Expands and creates an instant barrier that limits heat and flame transfer
  • Creates a rigid intumescent later that can withstand high pressure
  • Water-based inorganic that creates no VOCs
  • Sprayable solution that performs in ultra-thin profile
Superior Fire Protection

Superior Fire Protection

JIOS Aerogel’s fire-resistance coatings are activated when exposed to direct fire or heat exceeding 200°C. On activation, the material expands to provide a thermal barrier and prevent propagation during thermal runaway.


JIOS Aerogel offers custom-design aerogel solutions to accommodate your EV and ESS needs. Our Innovation Centre will work closely with you to develop the optimal solution to ensure the long-term safety and performance of your battery system.

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